How to Overcome Test Anxiety in College

Anxiety is a kind of fear in which a person continuously worries about something that will happen in the future. One of the most critical factors of it is that it ordinarily stays for a short period. Still, in some cases, it might be prolonged for an undefined time and results in a deteriorating impact on your mental and physical health.

Similarly, as a student, you have to encounter many stressful situations relating to your life’s personal or academic domain. Because of that, you will be more vulnerable to be affected by anxiety when facing a non-life-threatening condition, such as exams. Successfully dealing with exam anxiety requires belief in your abilities and mental strength.


What can Trigger Anxiety?

Anxiety can arise because of many factors, although when we talk about a specific kind i-e test anxiety, it may get triggered for the following reasons:

  1. You haven’t prepared well, and now you are getting worried about your upcoming test.
  2. You have given the exam but are continuously worrying about the grade
  3. You may be fretting that your professor has added you to the list of irresponsible students and will not give you the grades that you deserve. 
  4. You haven’t slept properly on the night of your exam and are now anxious that you won’t be able to give 100% in your test.
  5. You have ongoing family problems, and your papers are getting closer, so you get stuck in both situations and get anxious for the future.


How To Overcome Anxiety:

The best ways to overcome test anxiety are to believe in positivity and focus on what’s going on rather than what will happen. Additionally, you should try to avoid those people who instill negative thoughts in your mind while never getting out of touch with your loved ones. Further, there is nothing wrong with asking for help from people when you are in need, and when someone else offers you, don’t repudiate it. 

You can also practice this to beat your fear: Never let your fear control you, and always try to be in the driving seat and perceive failure as a way to learn new things

To get familiar with top strategies, read this article ahead, in it, we will explain to you further the best strategies to cope with test anxiety. These will help you achieve an acing score in your papers without confronting such difficulties in the future. 


What Is The Probable Impact Of Anxiety On Your Performance?

According to various researches, those who undergo tremendous anxiety don’t perform well when confronted with the exam situation. Most of the time, the students regard exams as a threat to their future and consequently respond to the situation with highly-intense emotions that takes away their focus from the task at hand.

Furthermore, the tasks that require cognitive and intellectual skills will be affected because of the worrisome responses that arise due to the test anxiety, which in return, will have a declining impact on the performance of a student while giving the tests. Effects of anxiety on learning of students result in their getting lower grades than they expect.


When It Is Okay To Be Anxious? 

Anxiety can be helpful in specific circumstances – for instance, in a perilous situation (Jumping out of a speedy vehicle’s way). It can likewise assist with expanding our understanding regarding compromising situations and improve our reaction. 

Be that as it may, it isn’t so useful when the danger we are confronted with is intellectual, similar to a test. Students need help with stress and anxiety to perform better at being normal.

The contemplations associated with test anxiety are mostly about how bad you will perform in the tests (otherwise called stress). Further, it can potentially be the physical response you exhibit when you reflect on your upcoming papers: “I am not going to pass,” “I quit,” “My heart is jumping out of my chest, and it’s getting hard to focus.”


Best Strategies To Overcome Your Test Anxiety: 

Listed and explained below are the useful and effective methods to deal with test anxiety in no-time. 


  • Get Prepared for The Test:


The more you are prepared for a test, the less anxiety you get. Best preparation will require your high efforts towards studying when exams are a month away. You have to at least study for 4-5 hours for a subject initially, but when the tests get further closer, you should increase your timing from previous to 8-9 hours. 

But before you start preparing, it is mandatory to make sure that you have all your notes ready, your homework submitted, checked, and received back


  • Get Enough Sleep Before The Test:


Do you have a paper to attempt tomorrow, but you didn’t sleep well? It is not just your enigma, but a widespread problem of students worldwide, which is very challenging to surmount. You are not sleeping well as you are continually thinking about it – a bad practice that you should avoid at all costs. Because the amount of preparedness also depends on how much your mind is at peace. Therefore, it is suggestive that you should sleep well enough before attempting your test to beat test anxiety. It helps you in controlling the overflowing thoughts you have and meanwhile giving you the relaxation that you need for writing creatively in your exams


  • Never Study 15 Minutes Before Your Exam:


You don’t cram the topics before the exam starts, are you even a student for real? However, avoiding this practice is a better idea because you had ample time with yourself to study. Yet, if you are dedicating the last 15 minutes before the exams to cramming as well, then there is a high chance that you will even forget those earlier topics that you have studied well. Everything will probably mix up in your mind, and you will get stressed further in the end.


  • Ignorance – A Key to Perfect Score


When sitting on your chair in the examination room, you shouldn’t take your gaze away from the paper. Because all you will find is disappointing faces, just looking at them can pull you under stress. 

Because you will start to think about sad and worried fellows who have also stopped writing, in return, you begin getting upset as well. This single factor can shake your confidence so, don’t let those stressed faces feed your fears. Adopt this technique as one of the best ways to overcome test anxiety.


  • Sharing is Caring: 


Overall, this is the best method if you want to prepare adequately for your exams; the prime benefit of this study sharing is that you get different opinions at one time. Additionally, you will get to know your weak point, so that you can work effectively on it. 

A pro-tip though, never study in groups when your exams are closer because your life will get disordered and painful. 


  • Seek Positivity:


Your confidence is a decisive factor when it comes to exams. The more you will be confident and positive, the further you will be relaxed, even in highly tense situations. The only tip for you in this strategy is that; you should hang out with those who are positive in their lives and remember failure is a way of enhancing your skills and knowledge, so don’t let it ruin your morale. Never get disheartened over not scoring well in some quizzes. Instead, plan well for the future to study hard and deal with test anxiety in the best possible way.


  • Talk to Your Teacher:


When you are consistently struggling with a topic, then you must go for this option. Because those teachers are the architect of the paper, and when you attempt it using a random pattern that the teacher didn’t explicitly teach, your problems may increase. So, contacting the mastermind will help you clarify your issue and give you insights into what to expect in the paper


  • Relaxation Techniques: 


Some of you may find it hard to halt your negative self-talk. You can’t merely advise yourself to dispense with those negative thoughts. What you need is to utilize a thought blocking method to conquer your concern and become liberated. 

There are dozens of videos online related to the methods to provide relaxation to your mind, so you should go through them if you are feeling stressed. It will help you overcome your anxiety and clear your dubious mind so that you can focus only on your exams.


  • Adequate Eating Habit:


Most of the time, your test anxiety results from a disturbed eating routine, so you shouldn’t ever overlook what and when you eat. Your brain works the same as an engine, and it requires fuel to work further. Try to avoid any drink containing sugar, which can severely affect your blood sugar, or any other beverage with high-saturated caffeine that can increase anxiety.


  • Skip A Question if Required:


It would be best if you skipped the question you don’t know the answer to, often parents discourage their children when they practice this strategy. Yet, to avoid anxiety, this should be followed more often. Because if you fix yourself on just one question, it will increase the pressure only and nothing else. 


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