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Terms Of Service

Speedycoursework is an online platform that connects the customer with the writers in order to provide quality writing services. These services embed the searching and ordering textbooks from vendors, facilitating partnerships, booking study rooms, hiring vendors, searching for internships, conducting research, finding colleges and universities etc.

Are writers as a personal assistant to the customers by fulfilling their requests accordingly. As stated above, speedycoursework is a platform between the writer and the customer through the text interface and conducts the transactions through it, as requested by the customer. 

We don’t support vendors but we make sure to facilitate the availability of the services and the site. Similarly, Speedycoursework is not the contracting consultant to any writers. Customers are solely independent and are not employees of Speedycoursework. 

We do not facilitate any services or goods that are considered illegal by the customer’s universities, colleges or any other educational institute’s policies. We go through multiple layers of checks and testing and make sure that nine if our policies or related academic policies are violated but we can’t take the responsibility of the services provided by the writers. 


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Free revision policy for unsatisfactory work

If in any rare circumstances, if we fail to delight our customers with the quality content or be unable to meet their requirements and requests, we hereby, ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers by conducting numerous revisions of your projects. It's sole to the customers, whenever they demand a revision.

Safety information

By accessing the Speedycoursework, you somehow agree to the following commitments in order to keep the Speedycourseaork safe: You can not collect any information or content, or otherwise, access Speedycoursework using any automated means like ( robots, bots, spider, scrapers etc.) Without our prior consent.


If the delivered products or services do not meet your requirements, contact us right away through phone, email, or message on the Facebook messenger and let us about your query. Adhering to our agreement with you we will either find a different writer for you to redo your task, that too free of cost or we will fully refund your money.

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Content Regulations

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